The Henderson Family, Scotland.

In 2017 my wife and I visited the GBV Charitable Trust in Kenya and I was fortunate enough to visit three of their locations and spend time learning about their work and partnerships with local Child Protection Units and hospitals across Kenya. We spent many hours in the courts and with the Trusts Barristers going over cases they have in court, and also saw the process a child goes through from admission to hospital to discharge, and 24 hour nursing care and home schooling, and the legal custody and guardianship process. This organisation is doing the work of angels. They have a resilience and a determination to protect and rehabilitate children of rape. 

One of the children who was admitted when I was there with my wife was 8 months old and has surgery after sexual assault. They give optimum medical care, and the children live extremely well with not a cent spared on their health, housing conditions, educational needs or general care. Our Family are in awe of the commitment of this Trust and its local initiatives across Kenya. You would look at the children that have in their long term care and never know that there was any chance they had been brutally assaulted and left for dead. The children and even some babies are incredibly well adjusted. The rehabilitation program and the commitment and love this organisation shows the children shines through. 

The GBV Charitable Trust and its group of local Kenyan initiatives are outstanding, and they have our permanent support. We look forward to visiting again.