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Tahnee White – Perth, Australia

I visited the GBV Charitable Trust in October 2018 and participated in climbing Mt Kenya to raise funds for this amazing organisation and its charitable projects.

I spent a week visiting the safe houses in Nairobi and the Rural areas,  which had children there as young as 2 that had suffered rape, along with girls 16 and 17 who were pregnant through being trafficked and raped. I was able to see some of the cases first-hand, including attending the police station, and the hospital for a birth.

I was also able to go through some of the major slum areas in Nairobi where many of the children have come from.

During my time spent with Gen and her organisations, I was able to meet all of the children who are now under permanent safe care. You can tell they have experienced trauma, but the care and rehabilitation Gen provides for each child has ensured they are so incredibly well adjusted and happy.

Knowing some of their background stories, it is truly incredible what Gen’s work has done to improve these children’s lives, and for them to receive only the best surgery, medical care, therapy and love.

The children she has rehabilitated are so happy to attend school each day and all get along so well. Each child who has come into Genevieve’s care had had their lives completely transformed for the better.

I highly recommend getting involved and doing a fundraiser, becoming a monthly donor, or joining in on the Annual fundraiser they hold – the Mt Kenya climb!

The landscape was incredibly beautiful and I highly recommend it.