Ritchie Singer – Professional Actor, Sydney, Australia

I have known Genevieve and been donating regularly to her invaluable work for many years now.

Genevieve is an exceptional individual whom I feel privileged to know. How many Aussie ladies would feel driven to pack up their comfortable life in Sydney, a relatively safe, urban democracy, only to relocate to the difficult and often lawless environment of Africa? Very few at most.

Her work there, seeking out and repatriating young children who have endured unspeakable brutalities (frequently perpetrated by their own parents), is quite frankly Angelic.

The abuse of local babies, toddlers and adolescent children that Genevieve has to confront and deal with on a weekly basis would surely make even the most experienced psychiatrists and doctors blanch. Her generosity, self-sacrifice, courage, good humor and endurance in the face of such grueling challenges and conditions is an inspiration to us all and I would highly recommend both herself and her Charitable Trusts as absolutely vital.

Genevieve is an entirely trustworthy individual and an undeniably remarkable human being. All funding donated to her organizations goes directly to the benefactors and the most urgent cases under her care.