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Paul & Samantha King – King Thoroughbred Consultants Pty Ltd. Sydney, Australia

We initially came across the GBV Charitable Trust and it’s Charitable causes in January 2018 and decided to donate. 

We now sponsor two children and continue to make monthly donations. We make both personal donations and corporate donations from our company. We receive photos of our sponsor children, regular updates and speak to the children on FaceTime and social media. 

We feel very strongly about this cause and have found the whole experience brings us immense joy to see the children thriving and hope for a better future for them. 

The change that Genevieve brings about for these children is nothing short of amazing. These children are found in conditions that we are unable to fathom and a long way from the daily comforts that we take forgranted.

We keep in contact with Genevieve and totally trust her integrity and intent to make sure that our donations and sponsorship reach the children who need it so very much. 

We would urge anyone to donate to this cause and help turn the lives of these children around.

Paul & Samantha KingKing Thoroughbred Consultants Pty Ltd.