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Patricia Richardson – Perth, Western Australia.

After finding out about Genevieve de la Reux and the incredible work she is doing in Kenya, I started following her & the GBV Charitable Trust on social media.

I looked into her work with children and her personal history and was incredibly impressed by what she has single-handedly achieved in her years in Kenya and how lives are being saved & changed forever thanks to her dedication and strength. She has seen things that I can’t even imagine. I don’t know how to express how much I admire and respect her.

As a fellow Australian, who has never had to face the horrors of child rape & abuse, child trafficking & female genital mutilation, I felt moved to get involved and help this courageous young woman save as many kids as possible. She is out there on the front line doing what no one has the strength to do.

I immediately organized a fundraiser in my city and sent the funds to the GBV Trust and it’s multiple projects.  I found out that this charity is not like most, in the GBV Trust and it’s organisations there is zero waste and donations go directly to the cause.

EVERY cent goes to the children and families being saved by Genevieve. She does all the admin work herself except for the high level legal and accounting (which is all pro bono for this organisation) which ensures that the children benefit from every single dollar from every donation.

Fast forward a few months and my husband & I became the very proud sponsor parents of a little girl who had been rescued by Gen. We cover her living and private education costs annually and have the honour and privilege of being involved in this little girl’s life. We have regular video calls with her and get updates on her progress at school, we get to watch videos of important events, Christmas celebrations etc.

We have become family and have now been sponsoring Lavender for two years and will continue to do so until she finishes High School (she is only in year 3 this year!)

The difference between just donating some money to a big name charity and not knowing where your money actually goes, and donating to this Trust, where we know the names and stories of the kids and families that are actually benefitting from your hard earned cash, is just amazing. 

The transparency with Gen is extraordinary. We know we are truly a part of this lifesaving Trust, and all its missions, that is incredibly unique and successful.

She is winning on the ground every day and will not be stopped.

Genevieve is going to end baby and child rape.