Our Mission to end infant & child rape

Launched in January 2015 in Buru Buru, Kenya, the GBV Charitable Trust and our projects have been providing emergency and long term care to over 1000 infants and children & over 250 women whom have suffered from extreme Sexual, Domestic and Gender Based Violence (SGBV & GBV).

The Trust provides full surgical, medical, psychiatric, nutritional and educational care to children, adult females and the elderly members of the informal settlements in the Republic of Kenya, with a heavy focus on the rural and regional areas.

The GBV Trust has set up Micro Businesses and we have established SMB (small & medium business) projects across the rural communities. These projects provide education, training and security, which enable deprived women and the elderly whom are suffering from extreme violence with the support, safety, resources, skills, and most importantly the education & mentorship they need so they can to learn how to operate their own small business, and learn how to generate permanent income. These projects allow each GBV Trust trainee to achieve complete independence and commence a new life free of violence and with a new independence.

We cover all areas of Sexual, Domestic and Gender based Violence, and with our end to end model of care and protection, rehabilitation, education and training, we are changing the current and future generations.

The GBV Trust works with local and international child protection organisations and regularly provides intelligence to, and consistently reports instances of infant and child sexual violence and exploitation to these teams in our network.

Our mission is to break the cycle of rape, sex trafficking, infant and child pornography, child prostitution, and all other forms violence and abuse.