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Nikita Nizik – Armidale, Australia

I spent a few days with Gen in her Rural children’s home, one of her several homes in Kenya. 

I was so amazed at the work she does and how passionate Gen is about the children. It’s beautiful to see her interact with the kids she has saved. I have so much admiration for everything Gen is trying to achieve in Kenya and I hope she can gain the support of many more donors, as these kids need this so much. 

To see a happy smiling child who knows they are truly loved now, is the most precious sight. Every child has a right to feeling safe and loved. 

The kids Gen saves have gone through more than you could ever imagine and I know it is her mission to make sure she does as much as she can to provide a secure future for them when no one else will care. Without this work so many children would return to their abusers and environments where they have no guardians who will fight for them.