Micro Business, SMB & Income Sustainability

Our GBV and Domestic Violence rehabilitation programs have identified the dire need for us to pursue further endeavours and programs to guarantee the cycle of rape, violence and abuse can be terminated. This reality has resulted in the Trust creating our own Micro Business and SMB projects which educate, train and generate income for women whom are suffering violence so they can resist returning to a life of abuse and violent partners, and become self sufficient.

Income is generated by each woman and elderly persons through our Micro Business, SMB (small & medium sized business) and sustainable income projects across food, agriculture, textiles, and environmentally friendly goods. All our projects are self-sustainable. A small operating cost and manufacturing cost is deducted from each product sold, with the balance being held for each trainee in Trust. This will save their earnings from the goods they have produced as a trainee, and when they have finished our program, each Trainee leaves with several small businesses established, they have capital that they have earnt, and we have helped them save from the production of the goods they have created and sold while under our program, and they leave with equipment they need to continue their businesses. Each Trainee leaves our program with a client base both, locally and internationally.

The entire end to end model of the Micro Business & SMB programs teach each woman and elderly trainees about income, revenue, saving, building capital and business operations. The Trust allows each Trainee to stay for a bare minimum of 6 months, with housing, food, education, security and childcare available at all projects.

By the time the training is completed, each Trainee is self-sufficient, and each one of our Trainees is departing our project with capital, a guaranteed revenue stream, a fully established small business, and clients. The women’s handmade and ethically conscious goods such as textiles and environmentally friendly products are available for the international market and sold at our online store on the GBV Charitable Trust website.