Julia Fennell – United Kingdom

I ws introduced to Gen on facebook by one of her donors 3 years ago l decided that l needed to DO something to help cause. I’ve always wanted to help save babies/children from their suffering but was never sure if my money would actually go to the source. With Gen l know and SEE how she relentlessly helps/saves these babies from unimaginable suffering.

She gives back their childhood, loves, feeds and cares for them and even makes sure they get an solid and complete education.

Gen is a warrior, she is an amazing woman and the world sure needs more of her.

She is extremely forthcoming in her opinions and operations, defies everything that attempts to debilitate her focus, or anyone that refuses to acknowledge the mere existence of baby and child rape in the world.

She’s raw, she brutally honest, and she is unstoppable. Only someone with her unique skill set, endless determination and passion can make change in this world.

I can not physically help YET, I’m in the UK trying to run my business and have a family to tend to, but l CAN donate every month and that is clearly beneficial. To know that I’m doing a little bit to help save these kids.

We can’t save every child in the world but we can sure as hell try! Gen specifically takes in the children that are deemed “too far gone” or have suffered so horrifically that no one can comprehend their experiences.
The impact and change for the kids I’ve seen her completely rehabilitate and protect is breathtaking.

Every little helps, so l urge anyone who is unsure to donate and know that your donations will go straight to Gens little Troopers!

Julia Fennell
Ladies Fitness Coach
United Kingdom