High Court Petition

Our children’s legal representative Veteran Q.C / S.C, Dr. John Khaminwa of Khaminwa, Khaminwa & Associates in Nairobi, and the Founder of the GBV Charitable Trust, are launching a Petition in the High Court of Kenya.

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV & GBV) cases are rife across Kenya, in particular in the impoverished communities.

This Petition will be at the forefront of changing the Laws of Kenya to better protect victims, rebuild the judicial process and their management of such cases, and will create numerous additional Acts of legislation at the highest level to combat issues such as SGBV, GBV, kidnapping, child sacrifice and child trafficking.

Our commitment is to end SGBV, GBV, sex trafficking of children, child sacrifice and all forms of child abuse has no bounds.

This Petition is being personally funded by our Founder and the Draft was circulated to our Executive Members in March 2021.

 Dr. John Khaminwa is our Trustee in Kenya and is the Chief legal representative for the Trust and the children we provide for.

For further information about our High Court Petition, please send a message to our members via the contact us page.

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