Gender Based Violence

‘’The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do’’

Steve Jobs

The GBV Trust commenced operations in Nairobi, Kenya, that date back to January 2015 with our first local registration as a Humanitarian Society. Since that time, we have increased our scope and registrations in Kenya, and have taken in over 1092 infants and children who have been subjected to rape, sex trafficking, child prostitution and vicious assaults. The Trust, our Not for Profit Companies and our local community registrations also provide long term assistance, education, training and sponsorship to women who have succumbed to sexual, domestic and gender based violence (GBV). 

Our work began when our Founder was on a Medical placement in Nairobi and was stationed at a city slum mission hospital. On the fourth day in Kenya, our Founder was hand holding a 9 year old girl, through her C section.
The child was 8 months pregnant after gang rape, and just 27 kgs when she was taken her into theatre.
We have rescued hundreds of children from sexual assault, trafficking and prostitution. More disturbingly, there is a huge black market in Nairobi for newborn infants, very commonly kidnapped or sold to be sacrificed in neighbouring countries.
Our work commences with intelligence gathering, then police reporting, or being asked to intervene in a case of child sexual abuse by the locals or authorities. We then provide emergency surgical and medical care, long term rehabilitation and education to the most vulnerable children. 
Children who are unable to remain safe in their previous environments have remained sponsored by our local and international donors. All children are in the guardianship care of our Charitable Trust, Not for Profit Companies and local registrations that are registered in Kenya and have been legally placed in our care as ordered through the courts across the Republic of Kenya.
Many of our children are sponsored into private schools, or into our training programs after receiving long term rehabilitation and care in our permanent safe houses and witness protection programs that we operate or support in Nairobi, Narok, Murang’a, Kajiado, Busia, Siaya and Trans-Nzoia counties.
Women who suffer from family violence can enter our education, training and micro business programs under our benefactors policy, and our organisations work in local communities to eliminate the stigma that is consistently associated to rape victims.
Our youngest child admitted for sexual assault is a 3 day old girl in November 2020, and her 3 year old brother and mother in our long term witness protection program while the court case is proceeding.
4 months old is the youngest female we have admitted for post rape reconstruction and repair. Our youngest boy has been 9 months old. What we do is terribly hard for many to comprehend. Rape, SGBV and GBV are a global problem. There is not a country in the world that infants, children and women do not, or have not suffered rape or sexual assault.

The global statistics are devastating – but so is the brutality of rape and dealing with its aftermath, which is the core of our work. Our persistence is changing the world and saving the current and future generations from the cycle of abuse.
Our proven model of end to end care and rehabilitation has a 100 % success rate in ending sexual and gender based violence (SGBV and GBV) for the infants and children we take into our program.

All donations are 100 % tax deductible in Kenya.