Domestic Violence

‘’Domestic violence can be one of the most difficult types of situations to talk about and to escape from. And, sadly, it can happen to anyone – in any wealthy or impoverished part of the world,
DV happens between women, men, children, between spouses and even friends. No one is immune’’

Genevieve de la Reux

The prevalence of Domestic Violence throughout Kenya is devastating.

In 2017 – 2019, the GBV Trust conducted multiple surveys in the informal settlements and rural communities across 9 counties in Kenya. Over 67 % of all women admitted to being a current victim of domestic violence in the informal settlements. 37.3% of all women in rural areas confirmed same.

Our Trust and all our operations and projects are dedicated to breaking the cycle of Gender Based Violence and all types of domestic abuse.

Each child and each woman we support with medical care, psychiatric care, education, training, Micro business / SMB establishment and income streams, breaks the vicious cycles of abuse, neglect, GBV and poverty. Our impact has a 5 year track record of helping restore and rebuild the lives of women and children, who have been so violently abused they have the least likely chance of ever thriving.

Our focus is to support the poorest of the poor, and those so badly abused the world wishes to either ignore their existence, or be too fearful to intervene and support them due to their trauma.

Our key areas are the rural and informal communities across Kenya. We do not focus on large cities such as Nairobi for any training or projects. The Trust does however support children in all parts of Kenya, including the cities for GBV and SGBV.

Our organisations services and projects provide a full circle of abuse intervention and community economic growth. This ends the repeating pattern of harmful and negative behaviour, and allows women, children and the elderly to flourish.