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Dan Bennett – London, UK.

I found out about the life changing work that Genevieve is doing totally by chance on a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Kenya. I met Gen, and the families she had taken into care, along with their relatives, while working on a safari camp and over the course of two weeks I was welcomed into the GBV Charitable Trust family.

I got to see first hand the amazing rehabilitation work that Genevieve and her team have done. The children I met were incredibly happy, healthy and and empowered. If it weren’t for the physical scars form their past that were visible, I would never have guessed that these children had endured unimaginable abuse.

From the outside looking in I could see why Gen’s work is so effective. She provides them with a great support system, wonderful diet and living conditions, expert psychiatric care, and ensure they are sponsored long term in the private education system. That is not to mention all the rescue work she has done when saving these children from their abusers. Thanks to Gen these children can have a chance at a future that is full of happiness and free from abuse. She is doing incredible work and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the GBV Trust.