Community Outreach : Education & Mentorship

Since January 2015 the trust has been heavily involved in the education and mentorship of members of the impoverished and rural communities.

Countless seminars have been led by our Founder and teams across Kenya, and have provided education, skills, pathways to healing, counselling, and daily goal setting for women to undertake in order to improve their quality of life, and that of their children.

Seminars and lectures have been conducted in the fields of GBV, Infectious Diseases, Family Planning, Nutrition and Education. Our team are also looking forward to hosting Medical Conferences in rural Kenya, and have intentions to invite surgeons and medical professionals from across the globe to Kenya, for not only a conference, but most importantly to help us build on our community outreach programs, public healthcare and the mentorship of the communities and healthcare professionals.

Our Conference delegates are specifically those who wish to have a long term volunteer and mentorship placement in rural Kenya. Placements are being discussed with the Kenyan Medical Board and our County Medical Directors across Kenya.

Doctors and Surgeons would effectively mentor local surgeons and doctors on a long term basis, with the ultimate goal of improving medical practise and public health in the rural towns. Genevieve plans to implement this long term medical mentor program, and eventually hospitals across Kenya that will also have universities attached, and will offer scholarships and free education to Kenyans for a large range of medical and surgical degrees.

For more information our conferences and long term education and mentorship in the medical field, please click on the Medical Conferences on this website and sign up for further information.