2 year old Rachel’s fifth and final Post Rape Surgery

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Rachel was violently raped five months ago on her second birthday. She has had four surgeries to date, and still had multiple internal injuries that need to be surgically repaired.

She was raped and sodomised so badly, she was transported by MSF ambulance when discovered, and placed in ICU in a Private clinic / small hospital in Nairobi.

Police OB number : 67/2/2/2019 BURU BURU, Nairobi

Rachel was raped vaginally and anally – and the degree in which she was sodomised, resulted in coma, touching death and four surgeries. She lived for two months with colonoscopy bag as her intestines, rectum and pelvic region were so destroyed they were deemed completely unfunctional, and her bodily fluids were redirected to an external bag in hope her internal injuries could heal.

Rachel’s mother was in grave danger due to knowing the rapist, and fled her area. She was unable to care for the child or deal with her trauma, and sent her two year old out of Nairobi County.

Rachel came into my care and protection just over 1 month ago, and still has severe post rape injuries due to botched surgical care and zero post rape care and follow up. I had to find her, and I’m glad I did.

She presently has a bowel that is non functional despite care that should have resolved this, and the surgeon decided to let all bodily functions to just divert to her vagina. She has at least one known Fistula needing urgent repair, and possibly more that we were unable to examine without general anaesthetic.

She is leaking from everywhere due to her Fistula and smells awful. She has no control over her body due to her savage rape and sodomy.


I cannot show the complete and close up details images of Rachel’s injuries, but I will show you her colonoscopy scar from the most savage assault I have ever come across. And I mean it. This is as bad as I have seen. EVER.

This is as bad as it gets in my world. It even brings someone as seasoned as me in the field of baby rape to absolute tears.

Her Examinations Under Anaesthetic ( EUA) are next week, and will cost $2,400-$2,700 USD at Gertrudes Children’s Hospital, Muthaiga. Her surgical team and Paediatricians are at MP Shah and have been looking after Rachel, and will perform her EUA and Surgery at Gertrudes Childrens’ hospital.

Rachel needs to be put under General Anaesthetic so that we can porperly assess her repairs. Her surgeon needs to put her under, and perform the following:

1. Trotoscopy
2. Sigmoidoscopy
3. Cyctoscopy

Time under anaesthesia is costly, and we need a thorough Exam to best plan her repairs and FINAL surgery.

Her surgery and admissions costs will range from $5,500 USD up to $9,000 USD as her rectum may need to be diverted to a colonoscopy bag (again), while she has a long hospital stay, and then this procedure reversed.

Please help make this Rachel’s FINAL SURGERY.

She is not even 2 1/2 years old and deserves to have normal bodily functions at the very least.

Two expert surgeons, one from Canada will perform her FINAL reconstruction surgery in February 2020. The estimated cost is $13,000 – 16,000 USD