UPDATE    25th April 2020: 

Rachel’s Surgery a success at Coptic Private Hospital in Nairobi on April 24th, 2021.

Led by our expert Paediatric Surgeons Dr. Andrews and Dr. Mwika, *Rachel has her major reconstruction surgery on April 24th at 7am. She is recovering extremely well and is with her mother at our partner and preferred Hospital. The Surgery was extensive and lasted just under 4 hours, and we are extremely pleased to announce that there were no major surgical complications, and no Colostomy bag needed to be attached.

The toddler is recovering very well and is claiming to be almost completely pain free. *Rachel will progress to a full soup diet in the coming days and is already active and socialising. The child, her mother and her extended family are incredibly grateful to everyone who has provided them with support, particularly during this intense period and long admission.

COVID 19 meant that the Dr. Dan the lead surgeon from Canada could not perform this procedure with our Nairobi team in April 2020 as planned. The decision was made by our CEO and the Surgeons to proceed with the operation to ensure a better chance of success and optimum recovery in such a young patient. The case was posted on our website in 2019 and you can read about the case on our homepage by clicking the link below, however we do warn the details are extremely graphic and disturbing.

After one of the most vicious assaults we have ever encountered in our 7+ years, and after extensive delays due to COVID, we are extremely happy to share this wonderful news with you all.

Rachel will be able to commence preschool this coming June 2021 and live a normal life thanks to our incredible donors and CSR partners.


The team at the GBV Trust.

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons