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Amanda Lewer – Victoria, Australia

Genevieve first came to my attention a bit over 3 years ago when David Shoobridge posted a video of her rescuing three young African girls from a sex slavery and child trafficking organisation.  David had funded the rescue and posted the video to bring awareness to what was going on overseas and to help raise more funds for Gen’s work.  The three girls who were the targets of this particular rescue were all under the age of 13 with the youngest heavily pregnant at 9 years of age.  I followed the story through to Gen providing safety and proper medical assistance to the 9 year old who nearly died from childbirth.

I followed Gen for a while and investigated her history, contacts and reasons behind her efforts to help the children who were victims of rape in Africa.  With a few messages and phone calls between us I decided to support Gen’s causes by donating each week.  It was at no risk to me and I could stop the payments whenever I wanted.  I have never had any issue financially, legally or personally from donating to Gen’s foundations, and I see EXACTLY where my money goes.

What I have experienced is my restoration of humanity.  You see, over ten years ago I left a career as a police officer.  I worked in uniform, then as a police prosecutor and ended my career with a six-month stint on a pilot program designed to address the issues of domestic violence.  Through this career I witnessed the horrors of what humans can do to each other and ended up leaving that career due to sheer frustration that the ones in power were not doing enough to stop the cycle of crime on all levels.  I returned to a life training horses and coaching normal, good hearted people how to ride horses and turned my back on the community with a loss of all hope of any good.  Then one day on my facebook feed this incredible story of Gen’s war against evil pops up.  I was in awe of someone with the world at her feet being so incredibly selfless, giving up her life, literally putting her life in the line of fire…to help the defenceless in a foreign country.

Her moral compass is beyond anything I have ever seen and while I believe she can be seen as a bit nuts by others with her lack of filter towards the truth and bull-headed manner, I have only ever seen her use these traits to successfully fight warriors of evil.  I think those personality traits of hers are what actually keep her alive.

Throughout the time I have followed Gen I’ve seen her rescue andrehabilitate children I would never have thought could be repaired.  Babies through to teenagers, all raped, tortured, physically and emotionally ripped apart, all given a better chance of life by Gen!  She’s been hunted, bashed, hit with death threats and scammed.

I’ve also watched Gen evolve.  She gave up her life completely, including Medical School, to help these children, with really not much thought to the process or what she would be facing.  She thought on her feet and how the hell she has not been murdered is beyond me.  Now Gen is more wise and using her above average intelligence to shove her emotions aside while orchestrating better strategies and alliances to help her cause.

Child trafficking, sex slavery, extreme child abuse and baby rape is rife globally.  It’s not, just the third world countries, it’s everywhere.  These organisations have been in existence for centuries.  My faith in humanity gets a glimmer of strength by watching and supporting the work of Gen